The city of Tirana aims to promote and encourage engaging in sport activities all its citizens and in a special way; disadvantaged groups, children, the elderly and persons with disabilities, but also the addition of the improvement of sports grounds/terrains, combined with the community’s desire for sports, the addition of sports disciplines, the focus on active and healthy living, the identification and promotion of sports talents, gender equality, inclusiveness, the use of sport as a tool against vices, obesity, bullying.

Also, another goal is to encourage public and private initiatives, not only from a professional point of view, but also as a channel of social cohesion to improve the health and quality of life of citizens.

Below you may find listed some of the goods and benefits of obtaining the title and which are also the goals of ACES Europe:

  • The pleasure of exercising or being trained.
  • The desire to achieve.
  • The sense of community.
  • To learn Fair Play.
  • Health improvement.

In the above spirit, every activity related to sports will be organized, including the three-race activity entitled as TiranaThlon, which includes the combination of sport disciplines such as Swimming, Cycling and Running, which is organized for the third year in a row, near an attractive tourist point such as Lake Farka (location https://goo.gl/maps/2N5M4TtcS6bF9zvd9)

Competitors can choose to register in two distances:

1. Sprint distance where the following races are combined in chain form:

  1. Swimming – 750 m
  2. Cycling – 20 km
  3. Running – 5 km

2. Olympic distance where the following competitions are combined in a chain form:

  1. Swimming – 1.5 km
  2. Cycling – 40 km
  3. Run – 10 km

We invite and encourage you to start preparing for this race as early as possible, challenge yourself and spread the word with your friends to be a part of the challenge!

For more information, please visit and contact the webpage of Tiranathlon https://tiranathlon.com/

Thank you!