The competition will take place in Farka Lake, a place of pristine beauty about 15 minutes away from Tirana with crystal clear waters and with great views of the Dajti mountain.

More specifically, the start and finish line as well as the transition area will be located in the newly inaugurated Hellenic Park.

The Hellenic park has been built with the aim of offering the best possible amenities for such an event, making this competition the first one of its kind that shall not only be attractive to athletes within the country, but also outside it. Safety comes first, that is why a series of Health and Safety measures have been implemented. The Farka lake water parameters are deemed suitable for athletic events based on testing performed by ECCAT, results can be found in the following report.

What is a triathlon?

A triathlon is a sporting event that combines three different disciplines: Swimming, Cycling and Running into one single race in which they are performed with short transitions (this time is counted too!) in between disciplines to change outfits and prepare for the next one.

This triathlon is of the sprint category, which implies participants will have to complete the following distances: 750m swimming, 20km of cycling and 5km running. While one of the shortest of official categories, this kind of event still requires adequate physical preparation.

For full information on the locations of water stations, start, finish as well as any other information please see the map found in the menu.